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Dream about to become true, I just need your help!

2013-10-17 18:25:47 by chiro94

I submitted my last design on a famous site that prints shirts and they proved it to score!
that means that if it gets a nice score it will be printed and I will become a proffesional artist for once!
If you really want to help, you can just by voting here!
thanks to everyone who read this

Dream about to become true, I just need your help!


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2013-10-19 17:26:54

Neato Frito!

I tried to vote, but it wanted me to create a user account. So I will hold off for now. However, I do feel that you design is spectacular and would be great on a t-shirt! Also I should admit that my review is bias because I LOVE OWLS.

chiro94 responds:

yes, you need to create a user account, you can create one using facebook
It's a great web site they have lots of awesome artist and they only print the designs people like the most, I'm glad you liked my design. I will create a whole line of 3d animals with space eyes lol
I hope people like them as much as you do

Greeting from Mexico, have a nice day :)


2013-10-26 04:32:14

Looks good! Looks like scoring is closed though... did you make it?

chiro94 responds:

Yea, It's closed now...
I still dont know if I make it, They shall send me a mail in the next weeks
you can still vote on my newest submision if you want,
thanks for caring :)


2013-10-26 15:21:10

I'll keep my fingers crossed! Well not literally, but ya know, it's the thought that counts. Vote given on that new one.

chiro94 responds:

Thanks a lot! You ARE AWESOME!


2013-11-14 22:47:34

Oof, very hypnotic. I actually just snap into a blank stare every time I see this owl.
Considering the simplicity of the design, it's very nicely done and quite unique.
Also I've just seen your space-eyed tiger. Awesome pawsome. :D